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Face-up service

a touch of uniqueness for your dolls

Ginny light tan skin

I love to customize my resin samples and painting is one of my passions, that's why I'm now offering this service to you, that's the chance you've got to give your doll a touch of uniqueness with a brand new artist's faceup.

Because I like to dedicate attention and care to my creations the spots for face-ups are limited to 10 per month. When you place your order I will let you know how long it will takes to get your doll back.

I can customize the face of your favorite doll with my style, it doesn't have to be a Linda Macario doll ;) 

All dolls are very welcome in my studio as long as they are legit BJD

NO RECAST please.

Are you tempted by this idea? Wondering how much it could cost and how it works?

Scroll down and read the details, and when you are done, if you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help.

How it works

1- Look at my previous work below and see if my style is what you're looking for, I like to give dolls a natural soft and childish look, I can add freckles (that I think are awesome) and my palette of colors are in the soft shades of pink, rose and peach.

2-You decided that you like what you see and so it's time to place your order, hurray! :D

3-Send me an email with these informations (you can copy and past this list on your email)

  • your name and address

  • doll name

  • faceup style: normal or normal+freckles (same price)

4-I will reply with details about timing and shipping cost. If you agree with the terms I will send you a Paypal invoice.

6-As soon as payment is completed you can send me the doll head and I will send it back to you in 2 weeks (timing may change but I will discuss about that in the email). 

Price list

  • small doll (YOsd and similar): 55$

  • medium dolls (MSD and similar): 85$

  • large dolls (SD and similar): 115$

  • Shipping costs 17$ Priority mail (USA only)

  • International shipping service contact me for a quote.

shipping cost above are intended for the doll head only, if you want to send me the whole doll please let me know in the email and I will calculate the right price.

previous work

This is a selection of my faceups, you can find more on my

resin doll page/customized resin

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