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Porcelain doll "Mia"

When I start to make ball jointed dolls, few years ago, my ambition was to create my own porcelain reproduction.

Now my dream is finally come true and my first limited edition porcelain doll is ready.

I'm very proud and happy to introduce you little "Mia"!

I would like to thank some pepole that help me to reach this goal:

first of all thanks to Grace Szczepaniec for help me with the beautiful resin dolls, her support and expertise are priceless.

Thanks to my collectors all around the World, without them I could not express my art and have the necessary incentive to create new things.

Thanks also to reseller for their great collaboration, and last but not least thanks to my family that always support my fancy and odds projects :)

Big hugs and stay tuned to know when and where Mia will be available <3


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