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Linda elf, grey skin

Linda elf grey skin customized resin bjd

Customized by myself

Height: 16 inches

Eyes: 16mm glass

Number of joints: 16

Wig: beautiful jpopdolls wig

Original face up, body blush, hands and feet French manicure

Linda Elf has very detailed face up with freckles and all body parts is blushed. Hands and feet are painted too with delicate french manicure.

She is wearing overalls and little double-face jacket, one pair of socks and genuine leather shoes.

Linda Elf will come with certificate of authenticity signed by me, the artist, and a metal doll stand.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, I will be happy to reply soon as possible.

PayPal payment is preferred

Shipping is included, I will ship the doll the same day payment is received with express and tracking delivery service, depends on destination it could take from 3 to 10 days.

I'm not responsible of possible custom fees.

Thanks for looking

Linda M.

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