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Maya, customized resin bjd

I'm happy to introduce you my last customized resin bjd Maya, she is a very special doll now available on Ebay.

doll features:

  • height 15.7 inches

  • ooak artist faceup / painted hands and feet

  • eyes glass green and aqua

  • wigs synthetic two different style from Jpopdolls


Maya is a sold out sculpt by Linda Macario for, this special one of a kind resin ball jointed doll is customized by the artist.

This sculpt is sold out and very hard to find on secondary market, this is a unique chance to get the doll directly from the artist.

The doll will come with two different outfits and accessories that will make her absolutely unique, bidding for this auction you will get:

-Maya doll (ooak artist faceup with freckles, hands and feet painted)

-two pair of glass eyes (green/aqua)

-two wigs (Neverland and Kana waves by Jpopdolls)

-one green dress with pants and genuine leather shoes made in Italy

-one aqua overall with grey legwarmers

-one handmade teddybear

-Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist

-Metal doll stand


you can mix and match all the items to create many different styles, this is a very special doll.

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