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Ginny purple skin is the next preorder

Ginny is one of the most popular sculpts I made, she is a 1/4 BJD resin doll or MSD.

Approximately 45 cm tall or 17.7 inches, her skinny body has 18 joints and is one of the more detailed bodies I've created so far in resin.

Double-jointed hips and knees give her a wider range of poses, one of my favorites is the kneeled one.

This brand-new color comes straight from a fairy tale, this beautiful intense shade of purple gives this doll a whimsical appearance, she can be a fairy princess or a little elf.

I'm going to offer Ginny purple in two different ways:

  • 5 One-of-a-kind Limited Edition full sets (doll with artist's faceup, fully dressed in a handmade rich outfit, wig, eyes, and numbered certificate of authenticity)

  • Basic doll, open edition (nude doll with factory faceup, one pair of random color glass eyes, and basic certificate of authenticity)

The preorder for Ginny Purple should start on April 15th, I'm still waiting for some accessories for the full set versions to show up, I'll send out an email the day before the sale start.


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