About the artist

Linda Macario was born in Florence (Italy) in 1978.

Her passion for arts is clear since she was a child. She studied arts at High School in Florence and  worked for years as graphic designer. Dolls are being her passion and work since 1999,  when she discovered  the world of polymer clays and baby dolls.

In 2009 she discovered a new way to express herself with ball jointed dolls. Since then, she attended several shows in Italy, Russia and USA. 

Continuously and carefully searching for the best way to transform ideas in beautiful dolls, she is working with many different materials  such as polymer clays, airdry clays, silicone, resin and porcelain.
Always looking for the best results, she gives  all her love and dedication to her creations that are made with special care to details.
Since  2011 Linda's dolls are reproduced in resin and are being sold in exclusive for JPOPdolls.
One of a kind air dry clay dolls, porcelain limited edition and customized resin ooak are available in shops and galleries all over  the world, have a look at the retailers page to see the list of links.

Upcoming exhibitions:
Past exhibitions:
  • BJDC 2019, August 29-31 2018 Austin TX USA
  • BJDC Texas show 2015 - August 04/05/06 - 2016, Omni Austin Hotel at Southpark, Austin, Texas
  • BJDC Texas show 2015 - July 30-31 / August 01 - 2015, Omni Austin Hotel at Southpark, Austin, Texas
  • IDEX show 2013 - table #29 April 11-14, 2013 at Doubletree by Hilton at the entrance to Universal Orlando FL USA
  • International Doll Show - Moscow 2011


Moscow international doll show 2011
Moscow international doll show 2011
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Bjd convention Austin 2014
Bjd convention Austin 2014
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MDCC convention 2014 Orlando
MDCC convention 2014 Orlando
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Doll show Lyon 2014
Doll show Lyon 2014
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Austin bjd convention 2015
Austin bjd convention 2015
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Austin bjd Convention 2015
Austin bjd Convention 2015
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Cover of Pretty Toys magazine

The magazine is available in English also and if you would like to take a look and buy your copy visit: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1318756

Pretty toys magazine

September 2015

doll master December 2014

This is a Russian magazine, in this issue there is a tutorial by me to learn the basic technique to do a face up on resin dolls

Art BJD's (pretty toys magazine)

This is a special issue of international doll magazine "Pretty toys" dedicated to bjd doll art. My work is published with a special tutorial to make a natural look faceup for resin dolls.

pretty tyoys magazine

march 2013

Contemporary doll collector

Agathe resin bjd got the cover

Dolls magazine

February 2011

DOLLS magazine

One of my first bjd is on the cover

La bacchetta magica

Italian magazine on dolls from around the world

Arte&hobby 2007

Italian magazine on hobby and dolls

Happy and honored toannounce

that Bridgette won the DOLLS magazine Public's choice awards!

Thank you so much for your support