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Porcelain dolls (limited editions)

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Each doll is entirely created by me, from the original sculpt to the outfits and accessories.


Create porcelain bjd doll is a very long process that can be summarized in ten steps:

  1. drawing a detailed project for the new doll

  2. sculpting the doll parts

  3. making the plaster mold

  4. spouring the porcelain in the molds

  5. first firing at low temperature (greenware) and sanding

  6. biscuit firing at high temperature

  7. china painting and low firing to fix the colors (this step is repeat at least three time)

  8. assembling

  9. sewing dress and making accessories

  10. taking photos and publish pictures.


I take care of each pieces of the doll during each step of this process with very attention to details, to create a special doll that will be a little gem in your collection.


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