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Melody , the little one with the cutest chubby cheeks, is gonna be the next doll to be shrinked in size.

Like Martha before her, Melody is going to be 7 inches tall.

I should receive the samples from the factory by the beginning of November, she will be available for preorders at about that time.

I ordered different colors for this cutie, let's see how it turns up.

Meanwhile here a few pictures of the 10 inches doll from the last preorder.

The spooky season is officially open, but here at Linda Macario dolls we like the sweet side of Halloween more than the spooky one. So what better occasion then this one to reopen a preorder for the little witches?

I'm happy to announce that starting tomorrow October 3rd, until the 23rd, you'll be able to place a preorder for Big Cupcake in the popular color Light tan and the special season color Green.

I'm offering the Basic and the full set version, and this time you can choose the special Halloween style or the usual casual style.

As always two payment plans will be available, the full payment and the 3 months layaway.

Dolls will be ready for shipping between January/February 2024

Any version you decide the doll will have artist's face-up.

For any questions please feel free to contact me by anytime.

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