Easy, free pattern for Cookie, donut and Cupcake

Are you waiting for your little doll? maybe you want to be ready to dress her for the first photoshoot, so have fun sewing some dresses and boots!

Download the pattern and start create, I tried to make the instructions as easy as possible, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me ;)

and of course I would love to see your creations

Cookie pattern.jpg

1.download the pattern

First thing first, download the pattern. It's a zip file you can open and print from your device. 


2.cut the fabric

Now you have your fabric and your pattern, is time to cut the pieces. 


3.start sewing

Using your sewing machine or your hands (the way that is better for you), sew the two dress pieces on the wrong side following the dotted lines on your pattern. 


4.Hem step 1

Fold the lower hem (the pink line in your pattern), be sure that the two stripes of fabric go in the opposite direction like on the picture. 


5.Hem step 2

Sew the hem, I used a zigzag stitch but you can use any kind of stitch you want ;) 


6.arms holes

Now sew the arm's holes by folding the stripes of fabrics at point 4.

Do it for all of them. 


7.upper hem

Fold the upper hems, following the pink lines of your pattern, this will create the place where insert the ribbons. 


8.ribbons and ruffles

Insert the ribbons and ruffle the upper hams. Use a couple of stitches to lock the ribbons in place. 

IMG_5649 2.JPG

8.Dress is ready!

Here you go!

Your first little dress id ready.


You can add a little pocket (see the pattern) or some others decorations like buttons or embroidery.