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summer dress for 17.7 inches body

You don't really need a pattern for this dress, it's so easy that all you need are 3 rectangles of fabric, here the mesurements:

1 rectangle 42 x 2 1/2 inches for the ruffle

1 rectangle 18 x 8 inches for the skirt

1 rectangle 4 x 7 inches for the bodice

and two 3 1/5 inches pieces of ribbon for the shoulder strips.

.Cut a 45 x 2 1/5 inches strip of fabric .Sew a 1/2 inche hem on the long side

.Using a sewing machine, or by hand, ruffle the top edge of your strip .The total length of the ribbon should measure 18 inches

.Cut an 18 x 8 inches rectangle of fabric

.Apply the ribbon to the bottom of your skirt (front to front) .I use pins and I iron the pieces together so it's easier to sew.

.Turn the fabric on the right size, iron it and sew the ruffle like in the picture.

.Finish the edges of the skirt with an 1/2 inch hem

. Cut a 4 x 7 inches piece of fabric

.Fold it in half on the longer side. .Sew the short sides together at 1/5 inches.

.Turn the bodice inside out .Ruffle the skirt, the length of the skirt must fit inside the bodice.

.Front to front sew the bodice to the skirt

.Sew the inside of the bodice to the skirt with invisible stitches.

.Using two ribbons 3 1/2 long create the shoulder strips .Pin the strips and try the dress on your doll to adjust the length.

.Attach tiny snaps on the back to close your dress. You can embellish this dress in endless ways so be creative and have fun.

Your dress is ready, congratulations!

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