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Lulù #4 - porcelain bjd

Limited edition porcelain ball jointed doll by artist Linda Macario

dolls features:

10 inches / 25 cm tall

14 mm painted eyes (not removable)

size 6/7 wig

chest: 4.1 inches / 10,5 cm

waist: 5.5 inches / 14 cm

hips: 6.3 inches / 16 cm

foot length: 1.57 inches / 4 cm

foot width 0.68 inch / 2 cm

This auction is for # 4 Lulù porcelain bjd doll created by doll artist Linda Macario for Linda Macario dolls. The edition of doll Lulù is limited to only 5 pieces, this one is number 4.

Lulù #4 is created from original sculpt directly by the artist, the whole process is very difficult and time consuming and every step of this long process is made with care and attention for details. This little doll is a unique piece of art for your valuable collection.

Mia wear a hand-sewn dress, a tulle silk tutù and beautiful pair of genuine leather doll shoes made for her by Italian craftsman.

The wig is high quality and the eyes are painted.

Lulù is now sold

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