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Mia - celebrative piece Sold


Porcelain bjd

by Linda Macario dolls

Celebrative piece

special one of a kind out of edition

This doll is a special one of a kind piece I did to celebrate the second anniversary of my adventure in the porcelain doll making.

She is absolutely unique and special for me, she is made with care and love in every single detail.

material: porcelain

height: 10 inches - 23 cm

eyes: glass

wig: high quality synthetic mohair

Mia is a ball jointed porcelain doll with 14 joints, she is assembled with elastics.

Mia has beautiful glass eyes and high quality wig, she wear a special dress made of antique cotton fabric, antique lace and silk ribbon. She also wear cotton panties and genuine leather shoes made by craftsman in Italy.

She will come to you to be part of your valuable collection with her signed certificate of Authenticity and doll stand.


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