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Who's this little girl?

the idea behind the doll, a story of hope and dreams

Maria was created to be one of the convention dolls for the 20th Anniversary of BJDC Texas 2024.

She has an interesting story to tell...

Maria is a portrait of a ten year old Italian girl that in 1910 left her Country to emigrate in the US in search of a better life with her new adoptive family.

With her  teddy bear friend Bruno, and the blessing of her adored grandparents, she embarked on a journey that will change her life.

The convention doll was a limited edition of 20 dolls and is now sold out, but the good news is that Maria is going to be my preorder doll for July, keep scrolling to know more....

How can I get one?

The pre-order

Now that the Convention is over and that Maria made her debut, I'll be ready to start a pre order for this new sculpt. You'll be able to place your order anytime between July 1st and 31st, and most likely she will be at your doorstep around Thanksgiving/Christmas time. Wouldn't she be the sweetest face under your tree?

Save the preorder dates: July 1st to 31st 2024


Let's talk about options

variants, colors, face-ups

Maria will be available in many different options, you will start to make your own special doll right from the get go.

Choose your favorite skin color: tan, fair or the new sienna.

Face paint : artist's face-up or blank doll

If you choose the artist's face you can also ask for freckles.

And last but not least, Basic (nude doll with glass eyes) or Full set doll (OOAK outfit, wig and more...)

How big is Maria ?

Let's make room in your dolls cabinet

Maria stands 15 inches tall

She has a head circumference of 8 3/4 inches

with 16 mm eyes

the bottom of her foot measures 5x2 cm


Now that you know all the details about this doll you just have to save the date and be ready to place your order, see you in July!

8 34 inches.png
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