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Alma #04/05

Alma is now sold

Limited edition porcelain ball jointed doll by doll artist Linda Macario


dolls features:

  • 14.17 inches / 36 cm tall

  • 16 mm eyes

  • size 6/7 hand made tibetan lamb skin wig

  • assembled with metal springs

This auction is for #04 Alma porcelain bjd doll created by doll artist Linda Macario for Linda Macario dolls.

The edition of doll Alma is limited to 5 pieces and this auction is for the fourth one.

Alma #04 is created from original sculpt by the artist, the whole process is very difficult and time consuming and every step of this long process is made with care and attention for details. This doll is a unique piece of art for your valuable collection.

Alma wear one pair of panties and a hand-sewn dress.

The wig are high quality lambskin mohair, the eyes are 16 mm lilac glass.

The doll is painted with several layers of china paints and all body parts are delicately painted.

Alma can be gently posed thanks to the metal springs, anyhow the safest way to display her is using the metal doll stand.

With the doll you will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by me and the metal doll stand.

This is a special chance to get a doll created by the artist ready to be shown in your collection!

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