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Preorder for Victoria in resin is coming soon

I'm glad to announce that my new doll Victoria ia ready for her debut on the website and the preorder will start on May 1st trough the 31st.

This new doll was created as a porcelain and now I'm ready to present her in resin too. She will be available on the popular 17.7 inches skin body previously used for her sisters Ginny, Greta and Bridgette.

Below you can see a little gallery with the pictures of the original sculpt and the porcelain version.

Victoria will be available in two colors, fair and light tan, and also as full set or basic.

I will offer the full set or installment plan options as always, and domestic shipping costs for the U.S. are free.


Height: 17.7 inches

Head circ. : 7 inches (wears 6-7 or 7-8 wigs)

Eyes: 12mm

Feet: 5x2cm

Victoria will have Artist's face-up and I'm planning to offer a version with freckles free of charge.

Victoria full set will come with artist's face-up, a one of a kind outfit, wig, eyes, certificate of authenticity and gift bag.

Victoria basic will come with artist's face-up, eyes, certificate of authenticity and gift bag.