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Amelia fair skin - resin bjd for

Amelia fair skin is now available for preorder at

this is the description from Jpop website:

"Please welcome Linda Macario's new color's version of Amelia!

She is 40cm and has an adorable chubby frame.

She is a size between her younger sister Gigì and older sister Agathe!

the last two pictures of Amelia with freckles are from a customized doll the artist has painted.

Preorder runs through January, 25thEstimate delivery : July 2016

Linda will come with RANDOM COLOR glass eyes!

You cannot chose the color.

Amelia is 40cm tall, fair skin and comes nude with faceup, random glass eyes, NO WIG.

40cm tall16mm/18mm eyesSize 8/9 wig"

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