Greta - ooak sample resin bjd

Greta blue hair in fair skin by Linda Macario OOAK

Height: 17.7 inches

Wig: 6/7

Eyes: resin custom made by the artist

She wears a sweater, two pair of leggings (black in the pictures and one pair with grey/white/pink stripes) I suggest to not put the black for a long time on the doll because the color could transfer to the resin.

She also wears beautiful pair of genuine leather doll shoes made in Italy.

Greta has a light blue wig and one pair of resin eyes made by the artist to give this doll a unique look.

She will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Go to to see more pictures and details

This is a one of a kind doll, that means only one is available.

Greta ia in stock and ready to be sent to you

Thanks for looking


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