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Polly Elf now on

Dear friends,

I'm happy to introduce you Polly elf, my new bjd doll for

She is now available for preorder with two different options:

Fantasy version (Limited edition of 10) - 1 doll, Hand painted faceup by the artist (as shown in pictures), 1 pair of glass eyes (random color), CoA

580$ + shipping

Basic version - 1 doll, factory faceup, 1 pair of glass eyes (random color), CoA

395$ + shipping

For any questions please feel free to contact me at or Jpopdolls at



Not a problem.


Linda Macario
Linda Macario
Mar 17, 2020

Hi Marti, the long closure of factories for the COVID-19 will affect the timing for Polly elf, I don't know the exact timing though because is Jpopdolls handling that. Cookie preorder will end the 31st of this month and I already get in touch with the factory that will produce her and they are ready to start, it wouldn't be a long wait.


I keep hoping for an early arrival of my fantasy polly elf. I ordered her at the beginning of the order period. It has been five months since I ordered her, but probably only four since the order period ended. Now with COVID-19 it will probably take even longer. Not a problem as I would prefer the workers stay healthy at home. Then I had to get Cookie to keep Donut company and her order period isn't even closed yet. I always get impatient after I order a doll.